YFC-Cyara is not just a venue that offers accommodation and facilities. One of the key things that differentiates us from other venues is our team of camp leaders who are trained counsellors and facilitators.

We believe in experiential or active learning and strive to make our programmes and activities both educational and fun. Active (or experiential) learning is based on the premise that much of what is learned is constructed through people’s own active participation in the learning task and through personal experience. Experiential and active learning can best be described as learning by living through problems followed by reflection and adjusted behaviour or values.

“Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand!”



We provide educational adventures and programming for young people aged 8 – 30 and the young at heart. Our programmes are designed to meet your objectives and are personalised for each group. To do this effectively we need to understand the profile and needs of your team. Our facilitators will engage with you while you are making your booking to ensure that we can design the best programme for you.
We like to be innovative and constantly design and incorporate new activities to enhance group experience and offer variety for returning groups. Whilst we use many adventure activities to take people out of their comfort zone, we can also facilitate group or individual activities without the extreme activities to create the same effect.

The activities that form part of your experience will depend on the time available, the size of the group and weather conditions! Please speak to us for the best advice!
We offer two facilitation options:

  1. Fully facilitated program where our team runs the whole camp according to your objectives, or
  2. Activity facilitation where we assist you in running your own program using the various activities we have available.

For Health and Safety reasons we do not allow our guests to use the facilities without facilitation and supervision.

All facilitation must be agreed and finalised before the start of your camp to ensure we have the facilitators available for the activities and size of group.

YFC- Cyara Activities

  1. Obstacle Courses
  2. Various Hikes (Ranging from easy to strenuous)
  3. Night hiking
  4. Abseiling (approximately 20m)
  5. Zipline slide
  6. Bridge Swing (approximately 13m)
  7. Archery
  8. Interactive cooking experiences (Potjie Challenge)
  9. Treasure Hunts
  10. Raft Building
  11. Boma Fire Circles
  12. Low Ropes Course
  13. Climbing wall (Various levels of difficulty)
  14. Various games for all ages including Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Table Tennis and Netball
  15. Swimming pool
  16. Big group programmes – ideal for families / adults and kids of all ages