Youth for Christ started in Cape Town South Africa in 1946. The YFC Training Centre was established in 1980 in Hekpoort Valley as a memorial to the late Jimmy Ferguson, who was one of YFC’s pioneers. Vernon & Cathy Dinkelman donated the property.

CYARA is an acronym for Come Ye Away and Rest Awhile  (Matthew 11:28)

In 1993 YFC purchased the adjoining site named CYARA from the Dinkelmans. The consolidated facilities under one management now consists of the original site, CYARA and CYARA Manna that allows us to have 4 Groups at a time or one big group of 650 people.

The founder, Vernon Dinkleman had a vision for CYARA to be a place of ministry for people to get away, to relax and be rejuvenated and to go back into the field as a strong, whole person. CYARA was originally a training centre for people so that they were equipped to be able to go out and spread the gospel. Today we offer school camps, youth camps, church camps, conferences and wedding facilities to a wide spectrum of guests.