YFC will strive to ensure that every young person in every community in which it is active will have an opportunity to be followers of Jesus Christ.
YFC will contextualise its activities to respond to the needs of the communities it strives to serve.
YFC will impact every young person who needs the service it renders.
YFC will strive to ensure a strong team mentality throughout all its structures that allows for development, empowerment, care and interdependence.
YFC will endeavour to mobilize resources in order to fulfil its mission and in so doing recognise the need to work alongside the Christian community and like-minded partners.


The Mission of the organisation is:
"To participate in the mental, physical, social and spiritual development of young people". “By spiritual development we recognise the vital importance of young people becoming committed and informed followers of Jesus Christ.”



• To promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and enable young people to reach their God-given potential;
• To facilitate personal development and offer training in Life skills;
• To initiate and support Leadership development amongst the youth and communities;
• To be involved in community and schools upliftment projects which impact on youth development;
• To run HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support programs;
• To facilitate or support Economic development initiatives amongst the youth and communities;
• To document our models, processes and lessons learnt as resources for us and others who may benefit.




• We believe in the importance of creating a team culture at every level of the organisation.
• We see interdependence, synergy and the sharing of resources and skills as vital in fulfilling our mission.



• We desire to develop standards of excellence in every aspect of conduct and business.
• We aim to set the highest standards that will result in us being seen as a role model and best practice.



• We are committed to loving people and to treating all with respect and dignity. this applies to both those with whom we work and partner, as well as the young people we seek to serve.



• We are committed to a lifestyle of integrity through personal and organizational accountability. this relates to lifestyle, relationships, finance and mission



• We are committed to being Christian in every aspect of our beliefs, behaviour and mission.